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The Grayter Good Weimaraner Rescue


  • Our journey to become The Grayter Good Inc. began in 2008 when we adopted Karma, above left, from a wonderful shelter located in western New York State.  The journey took another giant step forward when we adopted Sydney, above right, from a Weimaraner rescue in Kentucky.  It became a reality on January 30, 2015 when we were incorporated in New York State as a non-profit corporation.
  • In a letter dated October 29, 2015 The Grayter Good was recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charity with an effective date of January 30, 2015.

  • Our mission is fairly simple.  We will rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome purebred Weimaraners up and down the east coast  We will also financially help other organizations and individuals who do the same.   

  • The goals for 2015 were: to build our organization's infrastructure, develop a strong network of foster families and volunteers, raise $75,000 in donations, and to help rescue as many Weimaraners as we could.   Although we missed our fundraising goal, we did rescue 26 Weimaraners.  Additionally, in September 2015 we met Kate Wagner on Facebook when a 12 year old, nearly blind, boy in Florida needed rehoming.  Though social media brought us together it was our shared passion for Weimaraners’ in need that solidified our relationship.  It quickly became apparent that we weren't just working with Kate alone, but with the entire Wagner family.

  • The goals for 2016 were to continue the work started in 2015 and to establish a Weimaraner rescue center so that we could immediately get involved with every Weim that came our way.  As the year progressed we decided to focus on building our foster family network, instead of a rescue center, in order to increase our reach. We named Kate our Southeast Rescue Coordinator to establish a footprint in North Florida for The Grayter Good.  By the year’s end and we had rescued 43 Weims, doubled our donor base, expanded our southeast foster family network to cover seven southern states, and established our virtual fur-ever foster program with two Weims who are permanently in our care in Florida.

  • 2017 and 2018 promised to be demanding years and they were. In addition to the daily phone calls, Facebook tags, emails and the online surrender applications we receive from owners looking to surrender their adult Weimaraners, there was an influx of puppies averaging between 4 weeks old and nine months old in need of rehoming.  Most will be up for rehoming because the families that bought or adopted them did so without truly understanding the demands of the breed.  However, regardless of the "why", we were there for them.  In total 117 Weimaraners came through our doors in the two year period.

  • In 2019 we hope to continue building our foster family and donor base in the 23 states that we cover in order to be ready at a moments notice to help those in need.  

  • The Grayter Good Inc. believes in, and supports, responsible Weimaraner breeders.  These breeders are those who vet their potential owners, offer to accept a dog back without conditions, and who breed more for the love of Weimaraners than the love of money. It is our opinion that without responsible breeders the breed would perish.

  • As for a Weimaraner owner thinking of surrendering a dog, please know that there are no judgments here.  Weim’s are tough.  They start out beyond cute, but they quickly grow to be a 50 to 70 pound freight train running through your house and over your little children.  They eat shoes, surf the counters, hate being left alone, hunt most little things that run and if unchecked will take over control of your house.  We get it.  We've been there.  We want to, can, and will help.  Please be honest with us when surrendering your dog and we will do our very best to do what's right for your Weimaraner.

  • As an all-volunteer rescue organization, our capacity and future growth depends on the generosity of individuals and corporations to  support us with tax deductible donations.  We cannot do what we do without you.

  • Please follow us on Instagram @graytergoodweims and on Facebook  #tggwr 

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