What We Do

As A Full Service Rescue We Proudly...


Help pure-bred Weimaraners of all ages no matter where in the United States they are.  Since all of the Weims we rescue are placed in family settings for fostering, the only Weims we can't help are those who have a bite history or are aggressive towards others; for those, we have other resources that we can suggest.    

Adopt a Dog

The adoption process, and related fees, are fairly straight forward with a simple goal...  to find the best home for each Weimaraner that comes to us.  Since each Weim is unique, we do not adopt out on a "first come, first serve basis", but rather on a "best match basis".  Visitors interested in adopting a Weim should review our Current Adoptables page and then complete an application.    Click here for an application

Foster a Dog

We never have enough foster families.  If you are interested in being approved to foster, please submit a foster application. Foster families provide normal care, feeding, training, and shelter for the Weims they foster. While The Grayter Good covers all of the medical needs.   read more ...

Sponsor a Dog

In 2016 we started our FUR-EVER foster program for Weims that we either too old or too ill to be adopt.  Once in permanent foster care, the foster family supplies food and housing, we cover all of the medical needs.  For these Weims we have virtual Foster parents (supporters) who sponsor them with a recurring monthly donation.  For as little as $10 month, you can make the world of difference to one of these very special Weims. The more monthly donations we have, the more Fur-ever Fosters we are able to place; currently we have six Weims in Fur-ever Foster care. We can't do it without your generosity and contributions.   read more

Surrender a Dog

The best way to start the surrender process is to complete a surrender form for your Weimaraner.  With this basic information in hand, we can guide you through the rest of the process.  Surrendering to The Grayter Good is the best way to ensure that your Weim will receive the love and care that you would want for them. Please remember that we do not judge and honesty is the best policy on this surrender form for ensure a successful match for your Weim to their foster or new forever home.  Surrender Form

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