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Sammy was 11.5 years old when he was surrendered to The Grayter Good.  It took all of one Vet visit to realize that he was a boy in immense pain and most likely not adoptable.  ‘The worst case of tooth rot’ was the exact quote from the Doctor.  Nine extracted teeth and a ton of anti-biotics later he was no longer in pain.  He also became the first Weimaraner in Fur-ever Foster care. He is a ‘Foster favorite’, but don't tell. He likes Hawaiian prints and laying in the sun.   



Chloe was overweight and 12.5 years old when she was surrendered to The Grayter Good.  Within days of her arrival it was clear the she had major issues with one of her legs.  On further Vet examination it became clear the she had a torn ACL.  After a $3,700 surgery, Chloe's knee mended quickly and became the second member of fur-ever foster family. She can now run again, even at 13.5, has a pep to her step, and maybe even a little attitude… and loves her new life and fur siblings.     



Hank came to us after some friends in Tennessee found him listed on Craig's List for "free to good home".  When they went to pick him up they found him chained to a dog house in the backyard where he had been living outside all his life.  At our Vet's office they found 9 pellets from a pellet gun embedded under his skin and severely infected ears.  A year later, the pellets remain, but $4,000 in ear specialists have us finally progress on his infections.  He will be the third Weim in fur-ever foster care. He is a different dog, inside and out.    

Being a part of a Family completes ours Weims. Being able to help them completes us. It is not only a physical transformation but an emotional one as well, for the dogs AND for the Forever Fosters. More will be coming and we would like to be there for them.  Won't you please join our growing team of Virtual Foster Families by becoming a sponsor?  For as little as $10 per month you can make all the difference in the world for a Weim who can never be permanently adopted.     Click here to join the team.

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