Without any doubt there are always two things rescues never have enough of ...  Foster families and funding.  We can always raise more money, but we can't make Families Foster…unless they want to and are aware of what it involves…    

What's involved in fostering?

Foster families are responsible for all aspects of the daily care for the Weim that they have been entrusted with.  To provide them love and affection and protect them as if they were their own 4 legged family member. The Grayter Good remains financially responsible for the medical care of the Weim and works with the Foster family's Vet to provide the best care at the lowest cost possible. If for any reason the Weimaraner you are Fostering is not a good fit with your current Family unit we will remove the Foster. We are always here for any questions that need answering and emotional support as well as the financial support. Some of our surrendered Weims have sad stories and some adjusting to do in a home environment and others make the switch seamlessly. We try to match our Fosters with the Weims we feel will be the best fit for everyone ’s needs and to make for a successful transition and Foster experience. Offering to Foster is saving a life. It is one of the most rewarding experiences you can share with your Family and brings awareness to Friends of how they can help also.    

Willing to give it a try?

Calling All Fosters!  We need you!  More importantly, they need you!
Please complete and return a foster family application.  Click here for application.

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