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The MacDonalds

Married and living in NYC we, Susan an advertising executive and Peter an IT/business consultant, never dreamed of running a Weimaraner rescue.  In fact the idea of even having a dog in the New York city was a discussion, without action, for a number of years. Then Karma came into our lives and a couple of years later Sydney.  By that time Facebook / Social Media was in full bloom and connecting with other Weim lovers and rescues around the world planted the seed.  In May of 2014, Spencer was found on Craig's List by a friend and he became our first rescue.  At six months old, no name, not housebroken, and one of 17 dogs in the house where he was residing...there was no chance we could, or would, turn our backs on him.    


The Permanent Fur-Kids

Getting the three of them to sit for a picture is nearly impossible, but they are a major part of our team.  The endless carousel of fosters coming through our doors would not be possible if they did not accept the new-comers.  In addition to their homes, their beds, their food, and their space in the backseat, they share the love and attention of their parents; not always willing, but always sharing just the same.  


The Grayter Good Weimaraner Rescue

As of mid-April 2017 we have had 107 Weimaraners come through The Grayter Good's doors. We are extremely proud of what we have accomplished, the relationships we have made, and the Weimaraners we have rescued.  We are also humbled by the endless road ahead of us.  One Weim At A Time is more than just an expression or a motto to us, it's a mission statement recognizing that each Weimaraner is special. They each have different needs and each represents another step forward in our quest to have a loving, caring fur-ever home for every Weimaraner.

We hope that you will join us and support us on our journey.

Together we will make a difference.

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